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MENU Beer Foamer & Wine Breather

For those who enjoy wine tasting, the appearance of the liqueur is just as important as the taste and the texture of the drink itself. A similar principle applies also to beer, as the perfect glass of draft should come in a ratio of 3:7 foam and liquid. In order to achieve such a golden ratio, it requires specific pouring techniques. The edge of the cup needs to be held at a 90 degrees angle from the bottle so that the beer can be slowly poured into the cup along the rims. As 1/3 of the cup is filled with beer, slowly pull the bottle upwards so that fine bubbles can be created from the added distance and collision induced between the bottle and the glass. A glass of beer with the golden ratio should take form by following the steps mentioned above.

If the above process appears to be too complicated, you can also use beer foamers to create meticulous beer foam. Designed by the Danish unit NORM Architects, this beer foamer comes in two parts, consisting of a battery-powered copper whip and a plastic cup for holding the beer. Offering a simplistic outlook, the design truly upholds a signature Nordic style.

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