Just Like The Actual Car
Pagani Huayra R simulator

For die-hard racing enthusiasts, a top-notch racing simulator is a must-have for mastering the track. But what if your simulator could also add a touch of luxury to your gaming setup? Enter the Pagani Huayra R simulator, a collaboration between Pagani and Racing Unleashed that takes the concept to the next level.

The first thing that catches our eye about the Huayra R simulator is its stunning exterior. At 3,110 mm in length and 1,700 mm in width and crafted with the same carbon fibre used in Pagani hypercars, it certainly makes its presence known. And it’s not just about looks – the entire driving setup, from the steering wheel to the pedals, is identical to that of the Huayra R itself. Plus, with a Hi-Fi system that replicates the distinct sound of the Pagani V12-R engine, you’ll feel like you’re really behind the wheel.

Initially, Pagani exclusively launched this simulator for Huayra R owners, integrating it into their training program for the Arte in Pista event. Engineered to deliver an exceptionally authentic driving encounter, it faithfully replicates the handling, dynamics, and aerodynamic nuances of the actual car, thanks to its three degrees of freedom that provide the driver with motion cues for pitch, roll, and yaw. With a gaming computer, a massive curved screen, and the adoption of the Assetto Corsa Pro software and interface, the simulator can also be run in virtual reality.

While Pagani hasn’t revealed the price of the Huayra R simulator, they have hinted that it will soon be available to the general public. So if you’re looking to take your sim racing setup to the next level, keep an eye out for this stunning piece of technology.