The Fade Task Light
Replicates the effects of natural daylight.

Even the children who are ignorant of the hardships in the world would realize how important the invention of electric light is, especially after hearing the story about Thomas Edison for a million times. As an invention that casts darkness away and lights up the human civilization, its purpose still resides in the action of illuminating the world, even though it has gone through great changes in its appearance. However, this electric lamp we are about to introduce today not only provides illumination but also imitates and replicates the effects of natural daylight, offering quite a sly and ambitious ability which seemingly challenges the power of the sun.

The Fade Task Light is designed by Fade Studio, a studio founded by Bret Recor and Seth Murray who also created the handheld sound system Kube and the circular shaped mobile phone Runcible. Not only is the lamp simple, low-key and seamlessly made out of steel, its flexible handle can also be bent to 120-degrees; but the most powerful thing about it is still its ability in mimicking the effects of daylight.

This table lamp contains five LED lights inside, offering a lumen level ranging from 30 to 50 which allows it to create different lighting gradients. It also provides a range of 2700 to 5600K color temperature. The Fade Task Light is able to mimic the sunlight during anytime of the day, let it be a rising sun, a blazing midday or a drowsy sunset. This table lamp provides a control dial so that the user can easily switch between brightness simply by sliding their finger on the disc, changing the state of the day in their interiors like a magic trick.