Sipping Sophistication
Bentley x The Macallan Horizon

Luxury automakers and whisky distilleries have been forming partnerships in recent years, likely due to their overlapping clientele. From Aston Martin x Bowmore to Rolls-Royce x Coachbuilt, these collaborative whisky editions are all limited releases, captivating aficionados in both realms. The Macallan Horizon, launched in collaboration with Bentley Motors, is the latest addition to this trend.

The Bentley and Macallan partnership, established in 2021, is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainability, with The Macallan Horizon representing their inaugural single malt whisky creation. Its bespoke glass vessel, distinct and unconventional, is designed for horizontal display, echoing the sleek lines of a luxury car. Encircled by a twisting aluminium ribbon, the vessel features a copper frame crafted from recycled materials sourced from the distillery, adorned with chestnut brown, low-carbon leather. Adding to its appeal, the decorative oak inlay is sourced from one of the casks used in maturing the whisky, harmonizing with Bentley’s Crown Cut Walnut veneer.

The whisky itself pays homage to The Macallan’s Six Pillars, blending whisky from six casks to achieve a perfect harmony of flavours. With rich dried fruit and spice notes complemented by aromas of oak and leather, this rare whisky is bottled at 46.6% ABV.

A mere 700 bottles of The Macallan Horizon have been released worldwide, each priced at US$50,000.