Robotic Barista At Home
Meticulous Espresso Machine

While enjoying a perfect barista-made coffee in a cafe is great, that first cup of coffee at home to get the day started is equally essential. There are plenty of coffee machines and tools on the market to help you get close to a pro-level coffee, but the Meticulous Espresso Machine takes things a step further and makes the skills of professional baristas available to home users.

The product designers and developers behind the Meticulous Espresso Machine are self-proclaimed coffee geeks. As the first robotic lever espresso machine, it does much more than the one-button capsule machines that have flooded the market over the last decade, but is equally easy to use. The autonomous pull lever is paired with ten digital sensors for monitoring water temperature, pressure, flow rate and more during extraction. There are pre-set profiles allowing for a quick start on the machine, while the user can also set their own pressure, flow curves, and algorithms via a smartphone app as they work towards each person’s perfect brew. The drip tray has a built-in Acaia scale, which can be used for weighing coffee grounds and controlling the volume of the brew.

Meticulous Espresso is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter with an early bird price of US$ 1,299. For those who love a good latte, the standalone Meticulous Milk device sold separately is going to be this machine’s perfect companion.