Lightweight AI Assistant
Brilliant Labs Frame AI glasses

Co-founded by former Apple employee Bobak Tavangar, the Singapore startup Brilliant Labs has introduced Frame, a pair of AI-powered glasses that’s poised to revolutionise wearable tech. With its sleek design and reasonable price point, Frame has the potential to capture widespread appeal.

Upon pairing with the dedicated Noa app, Frame unleashes its full potential through voice commands. Equipped with a 720p low-power colour camera and microphone, these glasses provide real-time feedback supported by a range of AI systems including OpenAI and Perplexity, enabling users to seamlessly obtain additional information about their surroundings.

The display, a Sony micro OLED with 640×400 RGB colour pixels, is optically bonded to the prism assembly, ensuring a clear visual experience not only for words but also for image display. Frame’s capabilities span AI web search, visual recognition, real-time speech recognition, text translation, text summarization, and more.

An outstanding feature of Frame is its open-source nature, with design files and code readily available on GitHub, fostering community-driven enhancements. The absence of built-in speakers is compensated by Bluetooth earphone compatibility, contributing to the lightweight design, weighing under 40 grams.

Another benefit of the AI glasses is their compatibility with a wide range of prescriptions, although individuals with astigmatism may need to wait. Brilliant Labs anticipates that all-day battery life is achievable under typical usage, especially when paired with the Mister Power orange cradle charger.

Available in black, cool grey, and transparent options, Frame can be pre-ordered starting at $349 for standard lenses and $448 for prescription lenses, with deliveries set to begin in mid-April.