Timeless and Durable
KameManNen Eyewear

Fashion trends come and go, but for items such as eyeglasses, it is best to stick to quality and something that suits one’s personal style and features, which is why Japanese brands like KameManNen have a solid fanbase among those looking for fine craftsmanship.

Founded in 1917 in Sabae City, the brand’s vision in producing quality and durable eyewear can be noted from its name. Inspired by the Japanese proverb of “Turtles live for ten thousand years” (“Kame” means turtle in Japanese and “ManNen” means ten thousand years), the brand intends to create eyeglasses that can be used forever. It is also one of key players that makes Japanese titanium frame technology famous worldwide.

To this day, the frames from KameManNen are still handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail. Apart from the signature models with a lightweight wireframe, KameManNen also offers other styles integrating acetate material with titanium inner-frame. The titanium nose pad design is not just unique but also makes adjustment easier and the wearing experience more comfortable, while details such as the turtle logo adorning the frame just demonstrate the level of craftsmanship these frames are made of. 

KameManNen is available at Visual Culture Flagship Store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.