Flying Formula 1 Car
Lazzarini FD One concept

The team at Lazzarini Design Studio is never short of ideas. Based in Rome, the studio previously brought us concepts of Vespa water jet and flying car inspired by 100 year old vintage car. The latest flying vehicle concept from the studio borrows the appearance of what we are familiar with – a classic Ferrari Formula 1 racer.

Combining a drone with a 1950s Ferrari F1 race car, the FD shares the beautiful curves and style of a classic Ferrari racer, while the fact that it comes with three large propellers and vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) set up brings it back to modern time. The flying car is 7.4 metre long and around 1.6 metre tall, weighing just under 900 kg thanks to lightweight carbon fibre body. At the front of the flying car hides a V12 petrol engine, and a total of six electric engines plus three battery packs ensure the vehicle could fly for up to three hours, while top speed is around 500 km/h. Lazzarini is finding investors to fund the project and looking into building the first prototype.