Inspired by Cybertruck
Anicorn Cybertime

Plenty of tribute ideas have surfaced since the launch of Tesla Cybertruck last November, like the Cybunker garage we introduced last month. While not all of these concepts will go into production or will be easy to acquire, Anicorn just announced a Cybertruck-inspired watch that is equally cutting-edge looking.

Cybertime shares the same polygonal shape and silver metallic finish as the Tesla truck. Paired with the stainless steel case is a geometric touch screen that keeps the edgy, futuristic look. Tapping the screen triggers the red light interface and reveals time and date, which is presented in an unconventional, vertical time reading format. This is also the very first conceptual digital timepiece designed by Anicorn.

The Cybertime watch is currently presented on Anicorn LAB, the Hong Kong-based company’s own platform for pledges. The initial Limited Edition has a run of just 50 units worldwide and is described as the “non-bulletproof” version, featuring two shattered areas on the watch face referencing the failed bulletproof window demonstration during the official Cybertruck launch. The timepiece is priced at US$250 and will be delivered in Q3 this year.