Simulate Future Driving
Pininfarina AutonoMIA

The name Pininfarina represents the golden days of coachbuilding, and we’ve seen countless works of automotive art bearing its name over the decades.

These days, building a car’s interior is a lot more about mechanics and electronics, and requires a mastery of the latest technologies in order to create the best driving experience. To achieve this, Turin-based Pininfarina has designed a highly responsive, multi-sensorial on-board experience demonstrator called AutonoMIA.

AutonoMIA is all about immersive exploration. Built as a tool for auto designers to pursue and test their ideas, the simulator is empowered by technologies including artificial intelligence, 5G, holographic display, haptics, and more. Pininfarina is partnering with ART Group in creating the user interfaces for cockpits and a highly-customisable infotainment platform. Other companies involved too: Siili_auto to help with the application layer, ARAS for the seats and padded parts, and WayRay for advanced full-colour holographic display.

AutonoMIA is an ever-growing project because it’s customisable and the collected data, together with feedback on user experiences plus new technologies, will maintain the demonstrator’s relevance in creating enchanting future driving experiences. As with all its designs, the appearance of AutonoMIA is equally stunning, though this isn’t a Pininfarina piece anyone outside of the industry is likely to get their hands on any time soon.