A Huge Comeback
Hummer H1 reimagined by Samir Sadikhov

The Hummer H1 was derived from the US military’s Humvee and has become an icon of American excess — big, loud, inefficient but undeniably cool. Although its production ceased in 2006, third parties such as Mil-Spec have contributed in bringing it back over the last few years with their stunning retromods and more recently, automotive designer Samir Sadikhov showcased his love of the H1 via a digital concept.

Given Sadikhov has created the exterior of the incrdible Rezvani Tank — an armoured SUV based on Jeep Wrangler, it’s not a surprise that the designer speaks very highly of the Hummer H1. “[I’ve] always loved the Hummer H1, despite its faults, usage purposes, technical difficulties, it had a character, personality, and it was of the coolest cars ever made.”

The Hummer H1 shown here sports the significant seven-slot grille paired with round LED ring headlamps. While the essence of the original Hummer H1 is still here, the concept is modernised with rearview cameras instead of mirrors, and solar panels can be found on the roof.

Sadikhov has also come up with renderings of Hummer in tundra camouflage, which looks even cooler than the original. While we love Sadikhov’s concept, it’s just a personal project and it probably won’t see production. General Motors, owner of the Hummer brand, did talk about launching an electric version of Hummer under its GMC division, but the pandemic may have pushed that plan back indefinitely.