Meme Comes True
Xbox Mini Fridge

At this year’s E3, Microsoft announced something rather unique on top of the usual upcoming game releases. It looks just like an Xbox Series X console, but you won’t be able to do much gaming on it — meet the Xbox Mini Fridge.

The comparison between Microsoft’s latest console and a refrigerator started when it was first announced. The rectangular shape of the Series X inspired its fair share of memes — even the Xbox official Twitter account picked up on the comparison and had a sense of humour about it. This led to the promotion of a full-size Series X refrigerator last year, and now the production of the new upcoming Xbox Mini Fridge.

Available for the holiday season later this year, the mini fridge is capable of housing 10 cans of drink, and in addition to the sleek exterior, Microsoft isn’t shy of referencing the Series X console when describing the mini fridge, calling it “the world’s most powerful mini fridge” and referring to “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture” as one of the fridge’s features. We’ll have to wait until the launch to find out exactly what that means.