First Triphonic Speaker
Syng Cell Alpha

Audio company Syng has launched the Cell Alpha speaker, which the brand claims is the very first Triphonic speaker. The California-based company was founded in 2018, and one of its founders and Chief Design Officer Christopher Stringer is an Apple veteran of more than 20 years.

The unique sphere shape of Cell Alpha looks better than many of its peers, but it’s the technology that makes the speaker truly stand out. The object-based sonic architecture can spatialise any sound in the room, projecting audio in any direction with pinpoint accuracy. The speaker doesn’t have defined aural front, back, or sides because of its global shape. This is possible thanks to the Triphone — a circular system with three horns, with each horn containing a pair of midrange and treble drivers, a signal path, and a class-D amplifier. Cell Alpha also features two subwoofer drivers with one facing up and the other facing down, set up in a force-balanced configuration.

Cell Alpha is set to transform its owner’s space into a field of clear, detailed sound for a fully immersive experience. The speaker is controlled via the Syng Space app, in which user can drop a sound source from streaming via Wi-Fi, or tailor the sound placement when more than one Cell Alphas are placed inside the room. There are two USB-C ports on each speaker and an HDMI link will be available in a few months’ time to allow for expanded connectivity with all sorts of devices.