An Unofficial Collaboration
1969 Jeep Grand Wagoneer "Jerrari"

While the “Jerrari” pictured here – a mash up of a 1969 Ferrari 365GT and a 1969 Jeep Wagoneer — has never been officially acknowledged by the two automakers involved, the odd creature did leave a mark on the history of the automobile, and is now available to buy.

It all started with American businessman and car collector Bill Harrah. Rumour has it that Harrah asked Enzo Ferrari to create a bespoke four-wheel drive Ferrari but was rejected. Harrah then decided to build one with his own team of mechanics and engineers. As one of his mechanics crashed had his Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 in an ice storm, the donor car was readily available. To cut a very long story short, the nose of the Ferrari was then added to a brand new Jeep Wagoner and the ‘Jerarri’ was born. This wasn’t just a combination of aesthetics, either, as the Ferrari’s V12 engine was paired with the Jeep’s three speed auto transmission.

After driving the Jerrari for a few years, Harrah decided to fit the Ferrari engine into a 1977 Wagoneer so that he could travel around without causing much attention, and the Jerrari was given a 5.9-litre Chevrolet V8. The car was eventually sold upon Harrah’s death in 1978. After changing hands one more time, it eventually ended up in Germany, where it still resides today. Check out the listing on Classic Driver if you want to pick up this questionably-styled hybrid.

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