Liquid Display HYT H3

HYT shakes up the watchmaking industry once again by using a fluid system to display the linear portrayal of time. Following their release of Skull and H2, the brand has officially announced their latest H3, which is also inspired by the fluid injected capillary system, and moves HYT’s highly original hydro-electrical technology even closer to perfection.

The H3 has neither a midday notification, nor hands. Instead, it has a 62 x 41mm size case which forms the H3 into an independent and reinvented wristwatch, as its case and movement is matched impeccably together. In conjunction with its partners, HYT has successfully created a highly complicated timepiece. One of the main challenges was machining the sapphire crystal and the case. When it came to the movement, another delicate challenge came with energy recovery, as the H3 obtains energy from the retrograde movement, which is used to power the semi-instantaneous rotation of the watch’s dial.

The H3’s construction was initially inspired and then designed to deliver a fully linear portrayal of time, which required two capillaries holding translucent fluid on opposite sides. The movement engineering design team then worked around this set mechanism  (which forms the stylistic look of H3) and perfected the final movement.

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