Iconic Silhouette, Modern Build
Evolution E-Type Low Drag

Jaguar E-Type is often seen as one of the most beautiful and elegant looking classic cars, and its legacy has been carried forward through plenty of restoration and continuation builds. British company Evolution E-Types is dedicated to all things related to this special model, from manufacturing replacement parts, offering upgrade servicing to completing full-on restorations. It also recreates the icon through the Evolution E-Type Low Drag, with each example being a bespoke, hand-crafted vehicle requiring over 8,000 hours to build.

The Evolution E-Type Low drag is coach-built from scratch at the company’s 40,000 sq. ft. facility, and is available to order as a coupe, speedster or roadster. The body panels are fabricated by hand using aerospace-grade aluminium for its lightweight yet solid quality. The body forming process alone requires 1,500 hour, plus 700 over 700 man hours for body paint and extra 200 hours for polishing.

For the powertrain, an 4.2 litre original XK engine is being stripped down, and stroked out to 4.7 litres with upgraded new parts manufactured in house. The engine is paired with the Evolution 5-speed gearbox and stainless steel exhaust system. The re-engineered adjustable front and rear suspension boosts road handling and drivability, and the package is completed with Evolution Dual Servo Brake System and 17″ stainless steel wheels.

Owners can mix and match to create their bespoke interior, from upholstering materials to seat types, while amenities such as air conditioning, electric windows, DAB radio, satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity are all included for bringing the classic style to the modern world.