Elegant Driving Simulator
Studio Casti DrivePod

To hardcore gamers, the technical specifications are naturally the priority in selecting a racing simulator, yet the appearance of many simulators gives off an e-sports vibe and doesn’t fit well into a luxury home. Italian design firm Studio Casti has come up with the DrivePod professional driving simulator that simply speaks chic and elegance.

Designed by studio founder and architect Paolo Casti, the DrivePod was developed as a piece of furniture, with equal attention being paid on the outlines of the driving simulator and materials used in addition to the technological aspects. It is composed of two main elements: a box structure and a platform. The former houses the curved screen and the protruding steering column and hides other technical parts, while the racing seat and the pedals can be found on the sledge-type platform. The position and angle of the racing steering wheel, seat and pedals are all adjustable so the simulator could fit drivers and gamers of different body types. The seat is fitted with six point racing harness for giving a more realistic feel, and the shape and finishing of the seat are customisable too.

As good as it looks, the DrivePod is still in concept stage and Studio Casti hasn’t confirmed on its plan for production.