From Outer Space
Bossa Moonraker

Named for the eleventh James Bond movie, California-based loudspeaker designer Bossa has created the Moonraker retro-futuristic speaker system. The minimalist, sphere appearance in black and white with wooden legs should catch everyone’s attention should you have this in your home.

Moonraker is sold as a set of two. The wireless stereo speakers’ curved polymer shell is engineered not just for its look, but also to increase acoustic performance, minimise resonances and diffraction in particular, resulting in lush and detailed sound. Usability has also been well thought out. The wired optical, coaxial inputs and analog inputs are convenient for connecting the speakers with televisions and turntables. The speakers can also be paired with digital devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. All controls of Moonraker can be handled through the equally sleek and simple remote control.

The speaker system’s cabinets, legs, circuit boards, and packaging materials are all handmade in California, and black walnut, reclaimed teak or white ash can be selected as an option for the legs.

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