An Orange Loaf
UAZ SGR Combi Expedition Van

Thanks to the diverse landscape in Russia, off-roader could be more popular than a luxury sedan there.  And UAZ, the automobile manufacturer based in Russia since 1941, is definitely an expert in an off-roader.  The company has recently introduced a revamped model, SGR Combi Expedition Van, which is made for challenging even the most adverse driving condition in Siberia.

The UAZ SGR Combi Expedition Van is a four-wheel-drive 6-seater van.  Most of the time, the van runs in rear-wheel-drive mode; but can shift to an all-wheel-drive mode for special off-roading conditions.  The locking rear differential also ensures high stability in most driving situations.  Powered by a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine, SGR Combi Expedition Van can generate a fierce 111 horsepower, and 198 Nm of torque.  It comes with a five-speed manual, topped with a two-speed transfer case.

The giant roof-basket offers sufficient space for luggage and equipment loading, with a ladder at the rear for more convenient access to the roof.  All seats are covered with a water-repelling fabric to accommodate the journey in snowy days.

The van is available in military green, which matches with its tough character; or a more eye-catching and chic bright orange.