Tribute To All Photographers
Leica: The World Deserves Witnesses campaign

German camera maker Leica was established way back in 1869 and has produced plenty of legendary cameras in its 152 years in business. For its latest brand campaign, Leica has focused not on any particular camera model, but rather a celebration of the commitment shown by photographers when witnessing the world.

With the title “The World Deserves Witnesses”, the campaign created by advertising agency TBWA\PARIS pays homage to all photographers using their Leica camera to document the world. Whether the subject of the image is a pivotal moment in history or a small, personal story, it doesn’t really change the fact that it is a precious eyewitness account.

The campaign video features the images of over 30 photographers from all walks of life, with themes ranging from societal, political, poetic, and the mundane everyday. Only existing photographs were included in the campaign so as to preserve the integrity and sincerity of these visual testimonials, and none of them were staged, retouched, or changed by Leica or TBWA\PARIS to fit the concept. In addition to sharing his image, American photographer Joel Meyerowitz has also lent his voice to the video as a narrator, highlighting the value of looking at the world with a deeper lens.