Trial And Error
The story of Bugatti EB110 endurance race cars

A documentary film directed by Davide Cironi just discovers the story of two very special Bugatti EB110, which were prepared by Bugatti Automobili to take part in international endurance race events in the early 90s. Two special examples of the EB110 were built: the EB110 LM was set out to race at the 1994 Le Mans, while the EB110 SC GTS -1 was prepared for IMSA American Championship.

Cironi was contacted by the owner of both cars last year who invited him to make this film. The 35-minute documentary, in Italian with English subtitles, is told by the insiders of Bugatti, from the President back then Romano Artioli, to designer Giampaolo Benedini, technician Vittorio Filippini to test driver Loris Bicocchi. All of them were key to this not so successful story. Still, they can all laugh about it and still see the process as a fond memory.