To The Brave Risk Takers
‘Isle of Man TT’ by Studio Kippenberger

The small Isle of Man is the location of one of the most dangerous race on earth, the Isle of Man TT. In this infamous race, serious or even fatal accidents occur almost every year. Produced by  Studio Kippenberger, ‘Isle of Man TT’ is a 18 minute short film paying tribute to all the brave drivers trying to conquer the laps since 1907.

The short film is filled with live racing footage intercut with interviews of the TT legends such as John McGuinness and Ian Lougher, newbies Tom McHale and Adam Williams and Lougher’s wife, Asa. It is always a mystery why people are so drawn to the race, so much that it appears as if people are putting life and death aside. What Williams in the film perhaps explains part of the question, “We’re all going to die, the difference is what we’re going to do before that.”

This London Motor Film Festival ‘Best Event Coverage’ winner is not brand new, but recently it has been uploaded for free viewing on YouTube. The music and style of the film also complement the fierce nature of the subject.