The Ultimate Luxury
Stealth R11: Rolls-Royce Exclusive Pool Table

You’re already probably not an average, nine-to-five kind of a person if you own a Rolls-Royce, and possessing this striking Rolls Royce pool table would definitely elevate you to a whole new level. Limited to only five Rolls-Royce owners worldwide, this exclusive table costs a face-melting USD $250,000.

While the price is incredibly high, there are some justifications for it. The design, for one, is absolutely dazzling. The setup uses an aluminium frame with black Lucite panels and 14-carat-gold sheets, accented with tiny sparkling crystals. LED lights are installed in every direction to give this noble and opulent pool table a contemporary touch. To complete the table, there is a custom set of balls and cues to go with it.

This is not just a pool table, either. It’s designed to be a versatile table, offering three different ways it can be used. If you sometimes find the pace of snooker a bit slow, you may convert this pool table to ping pong for a more dynamic game. Afterwards, you can also “transform” the piece into a dining table for a meal with friends. Does this three-in-one selling point make the price a little more justified? We’re undecided.

This exclusive pool table is offered by 11 Ravens, which sells only luxury game tables. The design of the Roll-Royce Exclusive version uses its own existing model, the Stealth, as a reference, so if you’re not an RR owner, you can still get a similar vibe without the associated landed gentry vibe.