The Imaginary Return
Ferrari F42 Concept

Many people feel that the Ferrari F40 is one the best supercars ever produced, if not the best. Sure, there’s plenty of far ‘better’ machines out there now, and even your mid-range modern BMW sedan can match its 0-100kph times, but there’s no denying there’s not much out there more iconic than the beautifully-vicious Ferrari F40. The incredible supercar was first introduced in 1987 and discontinued in 1992 to be replaced by the F50 in 1995, the Enzo in 2002, and the LaFerrari in 2013. Despite all the legendary machines that came after it, one particular artist still pines for the original Ferrari supercar and has decided to bring the iconic F40 back in the form of a modern hypercar.

Named the ‘Ferrari F42’, artist Paul Breshke spent a total of seven months virtually creating the Ferrari F40 descendant, with a sleek front fascia highlighted by slim LED headlights, multiple vents, carbon fibre trim pieces, and a lower diffuser with body-coloured accents. If you’re looking for a definitive F40 design connection, you need look no further than the wild rear wing and heavily-updated five-spoke wheels. Some influences from other distinctive Ferrari models like the P80/C race car and F8 Tributo can be found on this concept as well, like the vented hood and pointed nose cone.

Though this machine will only ever be a render, we should take solace in the fact that there are two new Ferrari models upcoming this year, then the Purosangue SUV in 2021, and a new hypercar in 2022 — plenty of exotica worth looking forward to!