The Most Beautiful Police Car
1962 Ferrari 250 GTE Police Car

Car collectors are always looking to add rare and special models to their collection, and the more extraordinary the backstory, the better. What about a supercar that was once utilized for combating crime? A Ferrari 250 GTE, built in 1962 for the Roman police force, is currently up for sale.

In the early 1960s, high-speed car chases were becoming a big problem in Rome. The Alfa Romeo 1900 or even later the Giulia 1600 police cars just couldn’t keep up with a lot of the criminals they were trying to chase. In order to increase its strength on the road, the Roman police force purchased two Ferrari 250 GTEs, especially for catching these fleeing criminals. A team of four policemen were appointed to run these supercars. Unfortunately, one was crashed within the first couple of weeks, but the other, chassis number 3999, survived the no doubt ruthless driving at the hands of overzealous cops and was in service until 1968. After remaining in police possession for four more years, the Ferrari met its second owner. And now, after nearly 60 years, this car is finally for sale again.

The background of this 250 GTE isn’t exactly hidden. The unique door lettering “Squadra Mobile” as well as the telephone number of the Roman central police station are still clearly visible on both sides. Even the police-spec blue lights and siren are still functioning. This 240hp 3.0-litre V12 Ferrari (which was absolutely outstanding at that time) is not just for collection purposes — it’s still completely roadworthy.  Fascinatingly, it’s now the only private car in Italy that is allowed a special dispensation to use police markings and lights.