The Singing Partner
Kohler Moxie Voice smart showerhead speaker

Singing in the shower could be a secret habit of many, and the latest product from Kohler would make it even more handy and fun. Moxie Voice is Kohler’s latest showerhead integrated with a waterproof smart speaker and changing the background music for your in-shower karaoke session can never been easier.

The cone-shaped Moxie Voice consists of a showerhead that comes in a circular ring, while the speaker is magnetically docked to the middle. The speaker is fully waterproof and the audio from Harman Kardon is tuned to cancel water noise generated from the shower. You can select to pair the showerhead with just a bluetooth speaker or a Alexa-compatible smart speaker. With the additional voice command function, the latter can integrated with other Kohler Konnect voice-controlled products. Charging the speaker is easy as you can simply put in on the separate charging dock and up to five hours of playing time can be expected. Moxie Voice will be available later this year.