A Note To The Past
Maserati MilleMiglia Concept 2020

Automakers such as Ferrari and McLaren have shown us beautiful speedsters – the Monza duo and Elva respectively – in recent years. While Maserati doesn’t plan to launch similar retro-looking models in the near future, digital artist Luca Serafini has created a stunning concept inspired by classic Maserati race cars.

Dubbed the MilleMiglia concept, the design was a homage to the craftsmen he had the chance to work with at the Carrozzeria Campana Maserati in Modena during his university years, while using single halo seaters like the Maserati 250F and 6CM as starting point for inspiration. With a strikingly low and wide body, the concept features fluid, aerodynamic lines and Italian Avio livery. Above the classic large grille are thin stripes of LED lights that merged into the shape of the car, while the taillight design at the rear is equally interesting. Plenty of carbon fibre parts can be found, including the diffuser as well as inside the sand beige interior. Other fine details on the MilleMiglia concept include reversed butterfly doors, low windshield and retro side mirror stalks. We can only wish the team at Maserati would consider creating something similar in its future product lineup.