The Next Hybrid Hypercar
The McLaren BP23 is on the way

McLaren is now working on a hyper-GT that will achieve a top speed of over 391 km/h. The automaker has released a few renders, showing 243 (mph) on the speedometer.

The Ultimate Series is introducing two new members to join the P1 hybrid hypercar: The first is the controversial McLaren Senna that the world has already been discussing at length for the last few months; the second is the aforementioned hyper-GT that is being developed under the project name BP23. Like the famous McLaren F1, the McLaren BP23 will have a three-seat cockpit design with a central driving position and a hybrid powertrain, and will become the most powerful and aerodynamic street car ever produced.

The BP23 will be revealed, along with its official name before the end of the year. Even though it has a price tag of £1.6 million plus taxes and not much detail has been made available, the 106 examples of the hypercar are all sold out.