The Future To Avoid
Nomads of Climate Change by Nick Stath

The future of mankind is not so bright in the eye of many creators. From fictions from hundred years ago to comics and blockbusters released in recent years, the future world portrayed may by advance yet very often dystopian. The fact that many environmental issues are left unsolved in reality definitely contributes to the writers topic of choice. The recent work of concept artist and illustrator Nick Stath could be another warning that something has to be done.

The Melbourne-based artist has a passion in creating sci-fi visual stories of that depict the relationship between the built and natural environment. Titled Nomads of Climate Change, his latest work follows a young couple seeking new home as storms are frequent, sea levels have risen and many homes have been washed away. People go back to become nomads so that they can escape the frequent flooding, while houses come in new forms and built way above ground to avoid damage. Stath’s story raises the question of how human evolve and survive as we have turned nature against us. Or better still, do our best to avoid such a bleak world.