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Toyota Ultra-Compact BEVs

Toyota will be showcasing two versions of Ultra-Compact BEVs targeting for short trips within the cities at the Future Expo special exhibition of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The first model is an ultra-compact, two-seater vehicle at just 2490 mm long, 1290 mm wide, and 1550 mm tall, which is not much bigger than a golf cart. It is specifically designed to meet the daily mobility needs of people making frequent short-distance trips and features an extremely short turning radius that is handy for parking. Its 60 km/h top speed and 100 km range aren’t particularly attractive, but for an inner-city drive, it should be sufficient. The compact car is not just a concept as Toyota has given the end of 2020 as the release day.

The company has also developed a concept car based on the Ultra-Compact BEV, maintaining the same size, speed and range but has it dressed in black. Dubbed the Ultra-compact BEV Concept Model for Business, it has a capacity for one only but the interior can serve as a mobile office with three modes to support driving, working on the laptop and taking breaks in the cabin.