Mini Archaeology Dream
LEGO Dinosaur Fossils

From time to time we introduce projects posted on LEGO Ideas – the official platform for LEGO builders to showcase their creations. The best thing about LEGO Ideas is that the popular projects reaching 10,000 votes would be officially reviewed by the LEGO and potentially turned into mass production for the public. The Dinosaur Fossils set here is the latest successful example.

Under the development of the LEGO designers, the Dinosaur Fossils set now includes skeleton models of Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodon in 1:32 scale. The T. rex is the biggest among the three, measuring over 20cm tall and 40cm long. These models are presented as exhibits in a natural history museum, each with display stands. What’s great about this 910-piece set is the fact that these skeleton models can be adjusted into different lifelike poses so builders will never get bored of them. Other than the fierce dinosaur and pterosaur reptile skeletons you also get a paleontologist Minifigure with accessories such as a buildable crate, dinosaur egg, bone, hat and book, plus a sapiens skeleton to complete the archaeology set.