Ride with Minimal Disturbance
Taiga electric snowmobile

Dashing through the snow in a traditional two-stroke snowmobile could be exciting to the rider but definitely unfriendly to the environment.  The engine sound is too loud, and the poor combustion of the fossil-fueled engine produces terribly bad emissions.  Both kinds of pollution badly harm the tranquil and fresh snowy outdoor.  Do you really mean to damage the environment for your own adventure and convenience?

For the sake of protecting our earth, the Montreal-based new startup Taiga Motors recently unveiled their new lineup of the electric snowmobile which is absolutely a cleaner solution to our surroundings.  The three-cofounders worked on electric powertrains during their engineering studies at the university back in 2015 and produced their TS2 prototype in just last year.  Finally, Taiga officially announced the launch of the lineup with three models, Altas, Ekko and Nomad.

Though they are electrically powered, the specifications of the lineup are impressive.  A generous 120hp motor, double-wishbone front suspension, and single-ratio composite drivetrain are the common settings in all three models.  They are capable of taking as little as 3.7 seconds for 0 to 100km/h acceleration.    The 27kWh battery pack allows the snowmobile to run as much as 140km.  The reservation is on now.  Start at $15,000 USD, this zero-emission snowmobile will be ready for delivery next year.

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