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Rotary Cellphone

Almost everyone got at least one smartphone nowadays and it seems no one can live without it – for communication by either texting or making calls; for connecting with the world via the internet; for meeting friends via social media; for work; for study… but some people start to feel overwhelmed and wonder if such a hyper-connection with people and information around us is necessary.  And Justine Haupt the space engineer is definitely the latter kind.

The annoyance brought by smartphones motivated Justine to create a truly-functional cellphone without a touchscreen.  She strongly disagrees with the required navigation through menus to get the phone “application” for just making a phone call.  She took a rotary mechanism from an old telephone, combine it with a microcontroller and a cellular transceiver and housed it all in a 3D-printed case.  This one-of-a-kind cellphone is made solely for phone calls and it also supports some relevant functions like “quick-dial” and missed call listing on ePaper.

This rotary cellphone looks bulky?  No, Justine sensibly made it compact which fits perfectly in a pocket.  And Justine doesn’t keep it just for herself – she makes it available in kit form after receiving quite some purchase requests.  So if anyone wants something simple yet functional like Justine, they can also build and own such an interesting-looking cellphone.