Retro Spying
Ural 'From Russia With Love’ Motorcycle

The heavy sidecar motorcycles produced by the Ural might have been linked with the Soviet Union during World War II, but the company was privatised decades ago. In recent years the company has been releasing a limited edition each year, and it has opted for something rather retro-looking this time.

Dubbed “From Russia With Love” with its obvious James Bond linkage, the motorcycle is painted in a unique blend of silver birch not far from the shade of Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. There are lush leather upholstery and chrome trim, plus fun design of faux gadgets such as the red Eject button on the sidecar. The technology is contemporary, with power coming from a 749cc two-cylinder boxer engine and the use of Sachs suspension and four-piston Brembo brakes.

Priced at US$200,000, only 35 examples will be built and each bearing a unique Russian female name on the dashboard of the sidecar for extra quirkiness.