Redecorated In Leather
Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda by Carlex Design

The classic Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda is a prestigious and wonderful roadster , but the owner of this particular example brought it to Polish company Carlex Design for a retro interior refit, travelling back to the 1960s.

Carlex Design has once again proved themselves; the specialists of first rated interior modifications. First, you would notice is the extensive use of leather in two shades of brown, which covers almost every part possible in the cabin. The leather is not just found on the seats but on the cockpit, centre console, door panels, footwell, sun visors and even door straps. The retro style is further characterised by the use of thick, woven leather trim.

 Carlex has outdone itself for creating a distinguishing style for this example. They added a bespoke cargo area finished in the same fashion. The usual storage pockets on the door panels are replaced by small briefcases. Wood also adorns the cabin but it is done with subtlety. Inside the truck there is also a picnic suitcase following the same retro look.