Rally Car for Ski Trip
Alpine A110 SportsX

Alpine has taken the International Automobile Festival in Paris to showcase some of its hidden gems from its back catalouge. Among all, there is the A110 SportsX – a specially crafted one-off that pays homage to the rally version of the A110.

The origin of Alpine A110 traces back to 1961. First introduced as a two-door Berlinette, the rally version first appeared in 1964, and it won nearly 150 victories in major European and African rallies between 1969 and 1972. The A110 ceased production in 1977 but came back in modern form starting from 2017.

The new A110 SportsX is inspired specifically by the winning A110 of the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally. Taking the current A110 Pure as the basis, the SportsX is given an 80mm wider body and the modified suspension offers an increase of 60mm in ground clearance. The marque hasn’t revealed the mechanical details of the car, so it is assumed the 1.8 litre in-line four engines generating 248 hp and 320 Nm of torque remains. The A110 SportsX carries a pair of ski rack on the roof to complete its transformation to new styling, yet staying “faithful to Alpine’s DNA: lightness and agility for driving pleasure,” as explained by the marque. As lovely as it looks, A110 SportsX is just a one-off show car and there’s no plan in putting it into production.