Space Station On The Desk
LEGO International Space Station

LEGO has announced a new International Space Station set as one of the celebrations for LEGO Ideas’ 10th anniversary. The platform has realised many LEGO builders’ dream and turned their concepts and creations into mass produced LEGO sets for the public.

Based on a submitted concept, the model comprises 864 pieces and measures over 20cm high, 31cm long and 49cm wide. The realistic set includes the space station itself, NASA space shuttle, three mini cargo spacecrafts and two astronaut microfigures, and mimics actions such as deploying a satellite and docking with a shuttle. It also features Canadarm2 and two rotating joints with eight adjustable ‘solar panels’ plus other authentic details.

The original design of the set came from Christoph Ruge, who submitted the idea three years ago. While it gathered over 10,000 votes back then it didn’t make it to the final for production. As the LEGO Ideas programme celebrates its 10th year, some of these projects were revisited and the International Space Station concept were voted best by the LEGO community.

The International Space Station set will be available at LEGO stores and on LEGO.com from 1 February.