Quiet Winter Shredding
MoonBikes electric snowmobile

The snowmobile is more than just a way of getting from A to B in adverse winter conditions — if you’ve ever ridden one, you’ll know how much fun they can be to hammer around in the snow. All that noise can be a real downer if you’re out in the pristine wilderness though — thankfully MoonBikes has a solution, releasing the world’s first mass-market electric snowmobile.

The MoonBikes Snowmobile sports a high-efficiency electric propulsion system and is capable of a top speed of 42 km/h. The standard battery pack is good for a range of 56 km, and owners can opt for the dual battery package for all-day winter fun. The minimal design means that the snowmobile is ultra-lightweight, coming in at 192 lbs including the battery. This makes it exceptionally easy to ride, and the reasonably compact size, at 88-inches long and 28-inches wide, means that it’s fairly easy to transport when not in use. MoonBikes has partnered with Bosch in the assembly process, which should give doubters a little comfort as to the snowmobile’s build quality.