Inspired By The Ferrari Modulo
Pininfarina x Inkar iPhone case

The very experimental and certainly iconic Ferrari 512S Modulo concept car has been a much-loved high point of unique automotive since its debut at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. Penned by Paolo Martin of Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina, its unique and extremely low, wedge-shaped body gained over 20 design awards at the time. The legendary concept car has now been reimagined as an iPhone case through the collaboration between Pininfarina and start-up Inkar.

Penned by Pininfarina designer Paolo Lugaro, the limited edition iPhone case takes reference cues from the detailed design of the Modulo, including the car’s 24 holes in the engine cover and its elegant curves. A limited run of 99 iPhone cases are available for the 13 Pro and 14 Pro, and among them, only five silver cases feature the signature red line on the sides. A full customisation service is offered to suit the owner’s style, including five colours for the case body, two types of leather for the lens area, and 10 plate materials such as carbon fibre, natural wood, assorted leathers, and aluminium in various colours.

As Pininfarina’s first-ever iPhone case design project, each of these Inkar cases are hand-crafted in Italy. The leather on the cases even comes from dead-stock leathers of renowned Pininfarina automobiles, giving them an extra connection to the design studio. Pricing starts from US$10,000.