Powered Up Pickup
Mercedes-Benz X-Class Exy 6X6 by Carlex Design

Polish company Carlex Design has launched its latest project: a three-axle pickup based on the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, a marque and series that they are exceptionally familiar with. While the project now only exists on sketches and computer renderings, but the company is dedicated to turning it into reality.

Apart from having two extra wheels, the X-Class Exy 6×6 features a modified front bumper with large air intakes and an integrated winch, plastic wheel arch extensions, an air intake hood, as well as a new grille. The ceiling is dominated by an LED light bar, there are side steps for getting into the  raised pick-up more easily. The most significant changes can be found in the rear. The wheels are covered by huge fenders. Other unique design elements include the stencil-style roll bar, black x-shaped tailgate and a bumper with exhaust pipes integrated in it. The most powerful stock engine for the X-Class is the 3.0-litre V6 turbo with 258 hp and 550 Nm, the Carlex version possibly offers more than these.