Powered By Light
adidas RPT-02 SOL wireless sport headphones

adidas’ headphone business has never been the highlight of the brand, as everyone tends to focus on the company’s highly-regarded sportswear offerings. Its latest headphone model, the RPT-02 SOL, though, is a product that’s worth paying attention to thanks to its groundbreaking self-charging technology.

A joint project between adidas, Zound Industries, and Swedish solar technology innovator Exeger, the adidas RPT-02 SOL is powered by light — we’re not talking about just solar power here — but all forms of light, including artificial. The headband of the RPT-02 SOL features Exeger’s trademarked light cell material called Powerfoyle, meaning the headphones are always charging unless it’s pitch-black. This isn’t the only eco-friendly characteristic of the headphones, as 87% of the plastic used in their construction also comes from post-consumer recycled products.

There are other impressive features too. The RPT-02 SOL is sweat- and splash-proof, and is rated to IPX4 levels of waterproofness. The headband and ear cushions are removable, washable, and replaceable, so there won’t be any hygiene issues, no matter how much the user sweats. Up to 80 hours of playtime is available, even when using the headphones in the dark, and the battery status can be monitored via the adidas Headphone app in real-time. It’s pretty safe to say that you wouldn’t ever find the RPT-02 SOL out of battery if you’re wearing it outside or in a well-lit area.