Designed For Extreme Activities
Apple Watch Ultra

During its recent annual September event, Apple unveiled its latest slew of products to the usual fanfare, but it’s the brand new Apple Watch Ultra that seems to have garnered the most attention.

Bearing the largest display in the history of the Apple Watch, the Ultra comes in a 49mm titanium case with a flat sapphire crystal screen and is designed for all types of adventures, including water sports and scuba diving down to 40 metres. Equipped with depth gauges, a depth app, and the upcoming Oceanic+ app, the watch can be turned into a useful companion for recreational diving thanks to the dedicated features such as dive planning, easy-to-read dive metrics, a no-decompression limit, current depth, local dive conditions, and more.

Other than its excellent water-resistant capabilities, the Apple Watch Ultra also works fine in all types of extreme weather conditions, be it on a freezing mountaintop at -20° C or a blazing desert at 55° C. The display is also two times brighter than previous watches, making it easy to read in bright conditions. At the same time, a night mode with a red interface can also be activated for better visibility in the dark under the Wayfinder face — a new dial design with an incorporated compass.

In addition to a larger crown, the brand new Action button in high-contrast orange can be customised for instant access to various features including starting a workout and launching the music app. Another big upgrade is the watch’s battery life: up to 36 hours under normal use and up to 60 hours under the new low-power setting. Three new bands have also launched together with Apple Watch Ultra — the Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Band. Each offers unique features tailored to its namesake activity.

Priced at HK$6,399, Apple Watch Ultra is available to order now and delivery will begin on 23 September.

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