Portable Professional Microphone
Teenage Engineering CM-15

Teenage Engineering has released plenty of interesting and inventive audio gadgets over the last few years, including synthesisers, mixers, speakers, and more, but the Swedish electronics manufacturer has waited until now to launch its first microphone, the CM-15.

From its appearance, you might think that the CM-15 is one of those quirky retro gadgets that are all show and little go, but the latest release from Teenage Engineering is in fact a professional condenser microphone that’s extremely handy and portable, measuring just 90 mm x 65.5 mm x 19 mm and weighing 132 g. The company says it’s the first all-in-one mic that can be powered through 48v phantom power, USB-c, or battery, with the latter offering 10 hours of juice per charge. It also has multiple outputs – mini XLR, 3.5 mm jack, and USB-c – that can all be used simultaneously.

The CM-15 features a one-inch large-diaphragm capsule, which is preferred for professional recording but rarely seen in portable recording equipment. Capturing clear sound with exceptional detail, the microphone can be used for all situations from vocal and instrument recording in the studio, to podcasting and outdoor filming, while high-fidelity sound can be preserved thanks to its ESS Sabre analog-to-digital converter.

As the latest addition to Teenage Engineering’s field system, the CM-15 can be easily paired with other devices as it’s equipped with a preamp, and it’s compatible with Mac, PC, and iPhone. It also comes with a built-in stand so it can sit on any surface directly, while the included stand adapter allows for a 90 to 110° tilt when paired with the user’s own mic stand or tripod.