One-Off Retro Elegance
Aimé Leon Dore Porsche 356

New York fashion label Aimé Leon Dore has once again collaborated with Porsche to a create one-of-a-kind sports car. The third and latest project between the two brands, having modified a restored 911 Carrera 4 (Type 964) and a 911 SC previously, is the iconic Porsche 356 B from 1960.

The Aimé Leon Dore Porsche 356 B was developed with a retro and elegant appearance in mind. Covered in Midnight Blue paint, the 356 B has the front and back bumpers removed for a slightly slimmed down exterior. New fog lights are fitted at the front, a hand-painted Aimé Leon Dore crest in gold leaf has been added on the left fender, while three specially designed badges now adorn the grille above the engine. The stunning vehicle is also retrofitted with disc brakes with brushed aluminium alloy wheels paired with  white wall tyres.

The Midnight Blue tone carries into the interior and can be found on the leather seats, decorated with tone-on-tone embroidery and a tartan pattern in the centre, as well as the hand painted gold leaf accents. The original steering wheel has been replaced with the 356 Carrera 2 steering wheel for an even more upscale and refined look.

As with the first two collaborations, the Aimé Leon Dore Porsche 356 is a unique example that won’t go into production. For those who happen to be in New York City, just head over to the re-opened Aimé Leon Dore flagship store on Mulberry Street and appreciate this beauty in real life.