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Lamborghini × iXOOST ESAVOX Bluetooth Speaker

Has Christmas arrived before you have saved enough for a Lamborghini Aventador? iXOOST Artistic Audio’s newly released ESAVOX Bluetooth speaker might be able to feed your urge. The ESAVOX is the masterpiece created by iXOOST and Lamborghini and designed by Mirco Pecorari, the Chief Designer of iXOOST. The appearance of the speaker and the actual exhaust system of Aventador LP 750-4 SV look remarkably alike, in addition to featuring the same Lamborghini push button start, rear spoiler and real exhaust pipes; how could any Lamborghini fans ever miss this?

Measuring 125 x 50 x 65cm and weighing 53kg; ESAVOX provides more than just good looks. As a professional-level speaker, this 800W system features two 1” tweeters, two 6.5” full range drivers, two 8” woofers and one 15” subwoofer, with DSP 24-bit ADC/DAC. As a Lamborghini fan as well as someone who searches for the best audio reproduction, shouldn’t you consider this handmade Italian art piece as a Christmas gift for yourself?

For sales enquiries of iXOOST in Hong Kong, please contact Chloe Wong at chloe.wong@blackbird-automotive.com.