Fantastic Fury Replica
Lego M4A2E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” Tank

There are a large number of Lego builders designing and building Lego creations for themselves who then happily share their enjoyment with fellow enthusiasts. The tank category, for instance, is filled with builders busy on complex projects that are a labour of love.

Most of these Lego tanks were designed using the same scale as the Lego minifigs. Thus their size is usually relatively small. However, renowned builder Tommy Styrvoky has chosen to buck this tradition deciding instead to build his tanks in 1:18 large scale. It has allowed his Lego tank models to reveal more of the original details than others. Even more amazing, Styrvoky’s models are battery-powered so they can traverse over real terrain. Further, they are also wirelessly connected to a smartphone which becomes a remote-controller for all the tank’s movements.

Tommy’s latest creation is the M4A2E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” tank from the movie Fury, which took about three months and used over 2,500 pieces of bricks to complete. Its features include fully functional HVSS (horizontal volute spring suspension), working pistons inside the engine, and a rotating turret via the smartphone remote. Check the video above to see how it works.