Party On The Go
IKEA and Teenage Engineering to launch party range

IKEA announced its collaboration with Swedish consumer electronics company Teenage Engineering for a portable party collection last year, and some of the early prototypes were shown at the 2017 Haven festival in Copenhagen. Last week IKEA showed us the final prototypes on Instagram as well as putting them on display in Diseño Democrático in Madrid.

From the image we can expect speakers and LED spotlights from the FREKVENS (which means  “frequency”) collection. IKEA also previously IKEA mentioned a vinyl player and guitar in this series, although it is not confirmed as to if these made it into production. “In FREKVENS we want to make products that everybody can grasp, and that has been the biggest challenge, to find the right balance between technology and user friendliness,” said Head of Design and CEO of Teenage Engineering Jesper Kouthoofd during an earlier stage of the project. We still need to wait for quite a bit, as the range is scheduled for release in February 2019.


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