Modernised Electric Sprint Machine
Makkina Triumph TR25 Concept EV

Historic British automaker Triumph built its first car just over 100 years ago, and 70 years ago, it broke the land speed record for production cars under two litres with the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 MVC575. The marque has been defunct since 1984, and current owner of the Triumph trademark, BMW, has no immediate plan to relaunch it, but London-based automotive design house Makkina has created an EV concept that pays homage to Triumph as well as celebrates its own 25th anniversary.

The TR 25 is built around the BMW i3S electric drivetrain. Its exterior is inspired by the recording-setting ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 MVC575 that served as the pre-production prototype, following the original bold and sleek silhouette but with a modern take. The unique headlights are decorated with the number ‘2’ and ‘5’ respectively, showcasing the name of the vehicle and Makkina’s 25th anniversary. The design house then created an exclusive paint colour referencing the original TR2, and it further highlights the shape of the TR 25.

The single-seat layout of the TR2 is also brought to the concept as Makkina wants to focus on the vehicle’s driving thrills, although an optional flip-out jump seat for passengers can be incorporated. The interior is minimal as a tribute to the motorsport origins of TR2 — the steering wheel features a self-centring dial, while behind it there’s a binnacle displaying road speed, level of charge and range, completing the retro-futuristic style of the concept.