Portable Surround Sound
Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theatre System

When considering a good home theatre system it’s natural to assume that it comprises several different pieces of equipment that are all substantial in size. The new HT-AX7 theatre system from Sony is here to prove that doesn’t have to be the case. Not only is it portable, but it also comes with 360 spatial sound mapping, offering a highly immersive experience.

The Sony HT-AX7 is best thought of as a three-in-one product that’s extremely simple to use. Inside the box is a main speaker with two circular rear speakers that can be charged by placing them on top of the main body. As the system is completely wireless and handy in size, users can easily move it to different rooms of the home, use it at a friend’s place, or have it with them during trips away. The neutral shade and simple lines of the HT-AX7 also make it adaptable in different environments.

The main body of the HT-AX7 has two front speakers with X-balanced speaker units and two passive radiators on the side to help create a powerful and clear sound. Unlocking 3D surround sound from the portable system is easy — the user simply needs to place the three speakers around themselves, and the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology creates multiple phantom speakers at the front, rear, and overhead to achieve a spatial sound effect similar to sitting inside a movie theatre.

Setting up the HT-AX7 is handled by the Sony Hone Entertainment Connect app, and the system can simultaneously connect and instantly switch between two devices. With 30 hours of battery life, and a 10-minute quick charge for over 2.5 hours of playing time, this is a highly portable, powerful, and stylish theatre system.