Lotus Goes Electric
PG Elektrus

An electric car named PG Elektrus was released by the German company back in 2012. Entered into the market at a time when the original Tesla Roadster ceased production, the Elektrus was based around Lotus Elise and built with plenty of carbon fibre. It didn’t generate a huge amount of response back in the days, but a listing on mobile.de brings the electric car to our attention again.

With the whole body made in carbon fibre, the PG Elektrus weighs just over 900 kg and the 272 hp and 350 Nm generated from its electric motor are sufficient to propel the car from standstill to 100km/h in less than three seconds. PG was set to create 667 examples, but at €240,000 each and from an unknown startup it is a bit of a stretch. We haven’t heard much about the Elektrus or the PG since its initial launch until this particular example resurfaced. It appears that only two examples of Elektrus were produced. A prototype is still with designer Michael Frohlich and he’ll continue to drive it, while the one we see here is the pre-production demo car, but with a current price tag of €250,000, it is purely for collectors only.